Chaaliya Tours is a Sri Lanka Tourism Board Certified Tour Operator, specialised in tours through Sri Lanka and Maldives and, with a strong network of local partner around the world, to offer tours all around the world .

Our company has been founded by two partners, one Srilankan and one Italian, after several years of experience in the hotel and tourism industry.

Mixing our passion for tourism and our wide knowledge, we organise personalised tours for any type of traveller, low budget to deluxe, individuals to groups.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your travel needs. We can fully organise your trip to Sri Lanka and all around the world including accommodation, meals, transport, attractions and tour guide.

Having travelled a good distance around the world, we have decided to spare you the typical tourist’s traps. In fact, we pay our drivers and guides the right amount for their services and avoid this way that they bring our Customers to shops of all sort to earn commissions.

Tell us what you expect from your holiday and we will make it real!

What we promise:


    We have negotiated excellent deals with Hotels and transport operators in order to provide you with very competitive prices whilst maintaining an exceptional standard of service.


    Our Hotels have been personally chosen and regularly visited by our representatives, ensuring that they maintain our required standards.


    We are a Sri Lanka company with a representative in Europe. The close ties between eastern and western culture will give you the advantage of a prompt and clear communication.

    Our wide knowledge about countries and about the local people will ensure that you have the best experience.

  • No-Shop Policy

    We want to show you Sri Lanka.

  • Ethical commitment and Safety

    We will show you the country respecting the local community and the well-being of our drivers and guides. It is important for us that they have lunch/dinner breaks and get enough rest before and after driving. They play a crucial part in the success of your holiday. It is about your safety!

Our Partners