More Fun for Less Cash

Sri Lanka offers many holiday opportunities, satisfying anyone who wants to discover a magical place, with culture, nature, sport and adventure.

Travelers who approach this wonderful destination have to evaluate the many proposals that are  varied in contents as well as in cost.

First of all, Sri Lanka unlike the rest of Southeast Asia is not as cheap as one would expect, but at the same time it also offers many opportunities regarding accommodations, food  and attractions that satisfy all budgets.

Whether a traveler decides to plan a self-made trip or to rely on a local agency the most important thing is to be aware that not always what appears to be economical is a true bargain in the end.

When choosing to go through agency it is crucial not to underestimate the importance of the trip services offered and the assistance guaranteed throughout the stay. Nothing can be said against the wanting to economize, but it is important to be aware that sometimes behind an apparent saving one has to sacrifice something.

So, if you are looking for a cost optimization, it is good to have clear ideas from the beginning, share them with the tour operator and be ready to downgrade your expectations to essential cozy accommodation, but certainly not the level of comfort you are used to. Furthermore, savings include cutting costs on services and support staff, such as having a guide or dealing with unexpected problems. Another aspect which an ethical traveler should always take into consideration is the higher the agency’s discounts are, the lower the local staff’s wages are.

So, it does not matter whether you are a backpacker or a honeymooner, you have to put priority on safety, time optimization and quality of services which can only be  guaranteed by an experienced tour operator.

Attractions, such as safaris and UNESCO World Heritage sites visits, are perhaps the items on which there are fewer opportunities for saving, but skipping one of these activities would mean losing the opportunity of  experiencing the essence of this wonderful country.

Sri Lanka offers so many opportunities for fun that it is crucial to read up during the preparatory phase of the trip. It would be better to get help from local operators, who can guarantee the safety and the correct quality/price ratio of the services. Whether they are a simple beach holiday, an unusual balloon trip, bathing an elephant in the river, approaching a leopard in its natural habitat or hiking in the rainforest, it is best to include them during the initial planning of your trip.

Be open minded and get advice from experienced staff as it is the right way to live astonishing adventures in a country that has made tourism its main mission.